Membership Benefits

Sangeet Ashram provides a minimum of 6 high class concerts per year presented in a centrally located auditorium; G D Birla Sabhagar or Kala Mandir, spread over alternate months ,as far as possible. Sangeet Ashram brings to the audience a carefully selected array of artistes whose style, rendition medium and unique skills are not usually featured to the Kolkatta audience and enriches their listening experience.

The events are disclipined and educative, mostly accompanied by an introductory lecture on the unique special quality of the artiste and gharana, which enhances the level of insight and deeper knowledge of Indian Classical music.

The invitation cards for the concerts are couriered to all the members together with a newsletter summarising the past and future events. This information enables members to block dates and plan their musical calendar well in advance.

During the concerts, Sangeet Ashram members have priority seating in a front reserved block ensuring them of an unhindered listening and visual pleasure.

Sangeet Ashram conducts a three day music appreciation course every year, designed for easy comprehension of all the aspects of the art and science of Indian classical music.

All in all - a membership to Sangeet Ashram offers "a ready path to enhancing the enjoyment of our rich musical heritage".